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"Very useful. We exchange files via FTP with co-workers. Same credentials, same folder. In this situation it is very easy as you can drag & drop files without having to open an FTP program. Definitely worth the expense if speed counts"

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Quick & Easy FTP on your Desktop

Yummy FTP Alias brings quick and easy drag & drop FTP to your Desktop.

Drag your files onto an FTP Alias icon in the Finder or Dock to upload them to your FTP/SFTP/FTPS server... FTP made easy!

Configure a server and destination folder... Need to zip before sending? Want the URL copied?

Easily check connectivity and set the destination folder with the built-in FTP Browser...

Drag, Drop, Done... FTP uploads right from your Desktop!

Drag & drop uploads in the Finder or Dock
Easy setup - just navigate to your server destination directory, then select Save... the generated FTP Alias can then be placed on your Desktop, Dock or anywhere else, for quick and easy uploading just using drag & drop. It even automatically copies the uploaded URL to the clipboard!

Generated FTP Aliases are even self-contained, requiring no other software or original Yummy FTP Alias software installed, so give them to clients to easily upload to your server...
    ... they are completely free to use!

Key Features
Based on our flagship Yummy FTP app, Yummy FTP Alias inherits all the features, speed and reliability you'd expect :

  • FTP, SFTP and FTPS supported
  • Easy setup
  • Free to share upload droplets
  • Integrated remote folder browser
  • URL copying of uploaded items
  • Automatic retry/resume
  • Retina display support
  • Growl and email notification support
  • App Nap-aware

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