Yummy FTP: Features Information
  • Connectivity
  • Accelerated Transfers
    Highly tuned, multi-connection FTP engine for super fast transfers
  • Automatic Failure Recovery
    Flaky connection? Unreliable server? Yummy FTP will always finish the job
  • FTP Aliases
    Upload to servers using drag and drop to an alias icon in the Finder™
  • FTP Watchers
    Define watched local folders to automatically upload to specified servers
  • Synchronization
    Comprehensive bi-directional file/folder mirroring, including previews
  • Scheduling
    Automate repeating backup or web site updates, or delay a transfer until later
  • Extensive Remote Editing Support
  • Edit with any app and as many apps as you define, even per file type. Built-in text editor included
  • DualBrowse
    Browse your local and remote directories in sync, with this advanced folder-linked navigation tool
  • AutoRoute
    Drag local copies of your files/folders to the dock icon and AutoRoute will upload them to the correct servers and destination directories
  • File / Folder Filtering
    Easily include/exclude specific items from transfers and/or synchronizations
  • Preview
    Advanced built-in viewers for text, graphics, video, audio. Zoom graphics to full size for inspection. Even remotely edit text directly from within in the preview
  • Full Bookmark & Favorites System
    Access your servers and common folders with ease. Configure advanced site specific settings. Import from Transmit, Interarchy, Captain FTP, Fetch, FTPeel, Vicomsoft FTP, Cyberduck, Flow, FileZilla
  • AppleScriptable & Recordable
    Automation with ease - no need to write scripts, just record your actions!
  • Growl Support
    Full support for the excellent notification system that can provide gorgeous visual, emailed or spoken event notifications
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