Yummy FTP: Purchasing Information

Thank you for deciding to buy Yummy FTP!

Yummy FTP costs $28 for a single user license. Volume discounts, educational and non-profit organization discounts and site licenses are available. For further information, please visit the Licensing page or contact us with your requirements: The Sales Team

Purchasing Yummy FTP couldn't be easier or more secure. You can buy the software directly from within the application, or you can purchase via our online web store, and be registered in minutes. Either way you can be assured of a secure and speedy transaction since Yummy Software employs the eSellerate online distribution system. To learn more about purchasing through eSellerate, visit their website: www.eSellerate.net.

To purchase from within the software, simply select the Purchase Online option displayed in the Yummy FTP menu.

To purchase via our online web store, press the Buy It Now button:

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Purchase through eSellerate

No credit card? Don't worry! We also accept payment using the PayPal system.

In most countries, eSellerate offers the option to purchase via PayPal instead of a credit/debit card. However, if you don't see the option just contact our sales team to let us know you would like to purchase using PayPal and we'll do the rest.

PayPal AcceptedSend an email to The Sales Team, tell us your PayPal email address and your full name. We will make a money request to you and once we have received your payment your registration code will be sent back to you immediately.

Want to make a donation? We keep our products at very keen prices to encourage use and are delighted with the uptake. We have even greater plans for even better developments in the future. If you would like to support us in some small way please feel free to make a donation via PayPal for our future developments….