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FAQ: Quesions that users of Yummy FTP have asked us many times are documented with appropriate answers in this section. If you have a quesion that isn’t answered and you think it should be, tell us! FAQ


User Forum: Join or just browse our new User Forum. A highly useful resource, where you'll get advance notice of new versions, access to beta tests, help and advice from other Yummy FTP users and of course our Technical Support staff Forum.


Contact Us: If all these resources don't help with your issue, please send a detailed description of the problem you are having in an email to our Technical Support team. You should expect to hear back from them within one or two days. Simply select ‘Email Support’ from Yummy FTP’s Help menu, or send your email to: The Support Team.

  Sales: For all sales related questions, including lost serial number requests or problems with purchasing, or special discounts, please contact our sales team by sending an email to: The Sales Team.

Yummy FTP Quick Start: The guide covers most common uses of Yummy FTP in some detail and should answer the majority of first-time users' questions. The Quick Start guide is included in the software itself - just select 'Quick Start' from Yummy FTP's Help menu.

Or, you can download it here: Yummy FTP Quick Start.pdf (500Kb)

User Guide

Documentation: Check out the documentation wiki, an in-progress database which aims to describe every detail of Yummy FTP, where even user contributions are welcome. Click here to visit.