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Popularity is used to interpret the overall trends in data about the quantities of ratings about software in the Business Instant Messaging industry. While this section does not explore user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, or language support - we will have sections about those subjects too.

Overall Popularity

Business Instant Messaging presently ranks as the 3rd most reviewed software solutions category based on our calculations with 8,148 reviews last year. Year over year, Business Instant Messaging's review count grew by 2,619 reviews to its all time highest popularity ranking. On the other hand, Business Instant Messaging was at its lowest popularity in 2016 coming in 12th place with 1,654 customer reviews. Since 2013, the category has amassed 51,268 total customer reviews. Ranking as the 3rd most reviewed category worldwide, Business Instant Messaging is an extremely popular category - and this year isn't Business Instant Messaging's first time inside our top ten.

The Changing of the Guard

The oldest Business Instant Messaging product on our list is Microsoft Teams with its earliest known review appearing in 2013. The freshest Business Instant Messaging product in the market is Signal with its earliest known review popping up in 2017.

Lets Take a Trip

The United States uses Business Instant Messaging software more than any other country and currently boasts 32,796 ratings. The United States is followed by India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Kenya which have a collective average of 2,693 reviews. During this past year Business Instant Messaging category gained popularity in the United States to become the country's 3rd most reviewed software category in the last year. The most heavily used Business Instant Messaging products are Slack with 35,256 reviews, Microsoft Teams with 14,795 ratings, and Mattermost with 456 ratings.

Popularity by Business Size

Many businesses using Business Instant Messaging products are small businesses, accounting for 38% of all clients. They are trailed by medium business clients (37%), and large businesses (25%). The influence of Business Instant Messaging software solutions for small businesses appears to be increasing currently, swelling by 69% over the last year. Business Instant Messaging products for large businesses have experienced growth as well, growing by 28% in the last year.

Titans of Industry

The top industries for Business Instant Messaging are information technology and services, computer software, marketing and advertising, education management, and internet.



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