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Popularity represents general data trends about the count of ratings of products in the Document Creation space. While this page doesn't examine user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, and language support - we will have pages detailing those subject matters as well.

Overall Popularity

Document Creation at the moment ranks as the 17th most popular software category based on our figures with 2,714 ratings last year. Year over year, Document Creation's popularity grew 209.46%. It achieved its peak popularity ranking in 2018 coming in 11th place with 7,339 ratings. Additionally, Document Creation experienced its minimum popularity in 2016 coming in 41st place with 356 ratings. Over the last 10 years, Document Creation has amassed 18,024 total customer reviews. As the 17th most reviewed software category globally, Document Creation is a highly popular category - and this year would not be its first time within our top twenty-five. Additionally, Document Creation cracked the top 10 in 2018.

The Changing of the Guard

The oldest Document Creation product in our records is Conga Document Generation with its first tracked review appearing in 2012. The most recent Document Creation product to the market is Coda with its first known review emerging in 2019.

Lets Take a Trip

The United States uses Document Creation software more than any other nation and has 11,910 customer reviews. The United States is followed by Venezuela, India, Canada, and Spain which have a collective average of 842 ratings. During the last year Document Creation category gained popularity in the United States to become the nation's 12th most reviewed software category over the last year. The most regularly used Document Creation products are Dropbox Paper with 8,519 customer reviews, Adobe Acrobat DC with 3,084 reviews, and Microsoft Word with 2,267 reviews.

Size Matters

Many firms using Document Creation software are small businesses, representing 46% of all reviews. They are followed by medium businesses (30%), and large businesses (24%). The influence of Document Creation software for small businesses is thriving currently, growing by 246% over the past year. Document Creation software solutions for large businesses are experiencing an increase as well, growing by 167% over the past year.

What Is Your Favorite Industry?

The top industries for Document Creation are education management, information technology and services, higher education, computer software, and hospital and health care.



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