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Popularity demonstrates general data trends relating to the volume of customer reviews of software in the Employee Intranet space. While this section does not explore user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, and language support - Yummy will have pages detailing those subjects too.

Overall Popularity

Employee Intranet is presently the 22nd most popular software solutions category according to our calculations with 900 customer reviews last year. Year over year, Employee Intranet's review count increased by 467 reviews. It achieved its best popularity level in 2017 coming in 13th place with 3,705 ratings. Alternatively, it experienced its worst popularity in 2016 coming in 24th place with 611 ratings. In the last 10 years, the category has collected 14,239 total customer reviews. As the 22nd most reviewed software category worldwide, Employee Intranet is an especially popular category and has been in the top 25 at least since 2016. Additionally, Employee Intranet cracked the top ten in 2017.

A Tale as Old as Time

The oldest Employee Intranet product in our records is Jive given its earliest tracked review turning up in 2012. The newest Employee Intranet product to the market is Happeo with its first tracked review occurring in 2018.

Popularity by Country and Region

The United States uses Employee Intranet software products more than any other nation and currently boasts 10,541 reviews. The United States is trailed by India, Canada, Kenya, and the United Kingdom with an overall average of 501 reviews. During this past year Employee Intranet category gained popularity in the United States to become the United States' 18th most reviewed software category. The most frequently used Employee Intranet products are Microsoft SharePoint with 9,948 reviews, Yammer with 1,590 reviews, and HCL Connections with 1,219 ratings.

Size Matters

Many buyers of Employee Intranet software are large businesses, accounting for 47% of all customers. They are followed by medium business customers (33%), and lastly, small business clients (20%). The influence of Employee Intranet software solutions for large businesses is growing currently, swelling by 145% in the last year. Employee Intranet software solutions for small businesses have experienced an increase as well, swelling by 154% over the last year.

Popularity by Industry

The top industries for Employee Intranet are information technology and services, computer software, hospital and health care, financial services, and education management.



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