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Popularity is used to interpret the overall trends relating to the quantities of customer reviews of products in the Marketing Automation category. While our popularity page doesn't explore user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, and language support - we will have sections about the aforementioned topics too.

Overall Popularity

Marketing Automation is presently the 7th most used software category based on our data with 7,302 reviews last year. Year over year, Marketing Automation's review count contracted by 918 reviews. It achieved its best popularity level in 2016 coming in 2nd place with 2,033 customer reviews. Additionally, Marketing Automation experienced its minimum popularity in 2019 coming in 9th place with 7,860 ratings. Going back to 2012, Marketing Automation has accrued 37,850 total reviews. As the 7th most reviewed category worldwide, Marketing Automation is an exceedingly popular category which has been in the top 10 at least since 2016.

Oldest and Newest Products in the Market

The oldest Marketing Automation product on our list is Adobe Marketo Engage with its first known customer review appearing 10 years ago. The newest Marketing Automation product in the category is Encharge with its first tracked review appearing in 2021.

Popularity by Country and Region

The United States uses Marketing Automation software at higher numbers than any other nation and currently boasts 22,535 reviews. The United States is followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia with an overall average of 1,761 ratings. Over the last year Marketing Automation category lost popularity in the United States to become the United States' 8th most reviewed category. The most heavily used Marketing Automation products are ActiveCampaign with 9,981 ratings, HubSpot Marketing Hub with 8,525 reviews, and Adobe Marketo Engage with 2,852 ratings.

Big and Small

Many firms using Marketing Automation tech are small businesses, making up 64% of all reviews. They are trailed by medium business clients (27%), and bringing up the rear, large business customers (9%). The adoption of Marketing Automation products for small businesses appears to be receding currently, falling to 89% of the previous year's value. Marketing Automation software products for large businesses are experiencing diminishing popularity as well, falling 89% of the previous year's value.

Industry Makes All Things Easy

The top industries for Marketing Automation are marketing and advertising, computer software, information technology and services, health wellness and fitness, and retail.



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