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Popularity demonstrates general trends in data relating to the volume of ratings of products in the Photo Editing industry. While our popularity page doesn't discuss user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, or language support - Yummy will have sections detailing the aforementioned topics as well.

Overall Popularity

Photo Editing is presently the 9th most used software solutions category based on our figures with 3,849 reviews last year. Year over year, Photo Editing's user base increased by 1,679 ratings. Photo Editing achieved its highest popularity level in 2019 coming in 8th place with 11,320 ratings. Alternatively, Photo Editing experienced its lowest popularity in 2016 coming in 17th place with 1,020 reviews. Since Adobe Photoshop Lightroom went to market, the category has accrued 30,699 total reviews. Ranking as the 9th most reviewed software category worldwide, Photo Editing is an exceedingly popular category, and this would not be its first time within the top ten.

In With the New and Old

The earliest Photo Editing product in our records is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with its earliest known review dating back to 2012. The newest Photo Editing product in the market is Adobe Photoshop Express with its first tracked review breaking in 2019.

Lets Take a Trip

The United States uses Photo Editing software products more than any other country and has 17,831 reviews. The United States is trailed by India, Spain, Venezuela, and Canada which have a collective average of 1,556 customer reviews. Over this last year Photo Editing category gained popularity in the United States to become the country's 10th most reviewed category this last year. The most frequently used Photo Editing products are Adobe Photoshop with 18,906 customer reviews, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with 3,855 ratings, and GIMP with 2,330 ratings.

Popularity by Business Size

Many patrons of Photo Editing software products are small businesses, representing 66% of all customers. They are followed by medium business customers (21%), and lastly, large businesses (13%). The influence of Photo Editing products for small businesses appears to be growing currently, swelling by 90% in the last year. Photo Editing products for large businesses have experienced an increase as well, growing by 34% in the past year.

Industry Makes All Things Easy

The top industries for Photo Editing are design, photography, marketing and advertising, graphic design, and information technology and services.



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