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Popularity represents general data trends regarding the volume of customer reviews of software solutions in the Survey industry. While our popularity page does not explore user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, and language support - Yummy will have sections detailing the aforementioned topics as well.

Overall Popularity

Survey at the moment ranks as the 6th most used software category based on our data with 5,328 ratings last year. Year over year, Survey's review count rose by 2,696 ratings. It reached its best popularity level in 2019 coming in 5th place with 16,910 reviews. Alternatively, it reached its minimum popularity in 2016 coming in 25th place with 654 ratings. Since 2012, Survey has accrued 39,587 total ratings. As the 6th most reviewed software category globally, Survey is an exceedingly popular category, and this isn't Survey's first time within the top ten.

Oldest and Newest Products in the Market

The oldest Survey product in our records is SurveyMonkey with its first customer review showing up 10 years ago. The newest Survey product on our list is SurveySparrow with its earliest known review materializing in 2017.

Around the World

The United States uses Survey software products in greater quantities than any other country with 28,325 reviews. The United States is trailed by India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela which have a collective average of 1,333 customer reviews. During this past year Survey category gained popularity in the United States to become the country's 6th most reviewed category this last year. The most frequently used Survey products are SurveyMonkey with 24,766 reviews, Google Surveys with 4,351 customer reviews, and Qualtrics Core XM with 2,906 customer reviews.

Big and Small

Many firms using Survey technology products are small businesses, accounting for 41% of all reviews. They are followed by medium business clients (32%), and lastly, large business customers (27%). The adoption of Survey software solutions for small businesses appears to be thriving currently, growing by 136% over the past year. Survey software products for large businesses are experiencing expansion as well, swelling by 56% over the past year.

Titans of Industry

The top industries for Survey are education management, higher education, marketing and advertising, information technology and services, and hospital and health care.



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