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Popularity, in our view, demonstrates general data trends about the count of reviews about products in the Video Conferencing space. While this page does not explore user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, or language support - Yummy will have sections on those topics too.

Overall Popularity

Video Conferencing currently ranks as the number one most used product category based on our data with 37,821 reviews last year. It has held this position for the previous several years in a row. Year over year, Video Conferencing's user base grew by 4,124 ratings to its all time high popularity ranking. Going back to 2012, Video Conferencing has accrued 176,779 total reviews. Ranking as the 1st most reviewed software category globally, Video Conferencing is an extremely popular category and has resided in the top 10 since at least 2016.

In With the New and Old

The oldest Video Conferencing product on our list is GoTo Meeting given its earliest known review appearing 10 years ago. The most recent Video Conferencing product to the market is TeamViewer Meeting with its first known review breaking in 2017.

Lets Take a Trip

The United States uses Video Conferencing software at higher numbers than any other nation and has 89,827 customer reviews. The United States is trailed by India, Venezuela, Indonesia, and Canada with an overall average of 10,500 ratings. Over this last year Video Conferencing category lost popularity in the United States to become the country's 1st most reviewed category in the last year. The most heavily used Video Conferencing products are Zoom with 64,799 reviews, Skype with 43,384 ratings, and Webex Meetings with 19,037 customer reviews.

Popularity by Business Size

Many firms using Video Conferencing technology products are small businesses, accounting for 42% of all customers. They are followed by medium business customers (32%), and lastly, large business clients (26%). The influence of Video Conferencing software solutions for small businesses is increasing currently, increasing by 24% in the last year. Video Conferencing software solutions for large businesses have experienced diminishing popularity this year, falling 124% of the prior year's value.

Titans of Industry

The top industries for Video Conferencing are information technology and services, computer software, education management, marketing and advertising, and financial services.



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