Author Topic: Rapidweaver FTP - Can Yummy make life easier?  (Read 1398 times)


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Rapidweaver FTP - Can Yummy make life easier?
« on: June 17, 2016, 11:15:43 AM »
I use Rapidweaver 7 for web design work that is steadily increasing, but I am losing the will to live whenever I use their built in FTP client. It is horribly buggy, despite numerous complaints on their forums spanning different versions of Rapidweaver. For some reason they seem unable or unwilling to fix the FTP, which is a real shame because it would obviously be the most convenient option if you are using it to work on a site.

For the most part I end up exporting the entire site to a folder, even if I have only made small changes to a single page and then using Yummy FTP Pro to first delete the current server contents before uploading the latest version. It works reliably but it's a bit slow and involves too many steps if you are uploading changes on a regular basis with a new site. I use CloudFlare so there is also a delay before the cached files are updated.

In theory it looks like you can "smart publish" to a local folder in Rapidweaver 7 so only the changes are exported but I have to test this thoroughly to see if it really works. I was looking at FTP watcher but wondering why I cannot just use the sync feature in FTP Pro? There was a sale on FTP Watcher a few months ago but I didn't get it because I wasn't sure how this would differ in practice from the synchronise feature in FTP Pro.

Something I need to allow for is that my websites always contain several folders that are not directly exported by Rapidweaver. These might be warehoused images, web fonts or even a group of files that that can downloaded from a folder through links from an associated product. One way or another I need to ensure those folders are completely ignored. Currently they are all labeled in red and I gingerly make sure they are not selected overtime I delete something.

These days I'm doing a lot more web work and I need to find a workflow that is efficient and utterly reliable, so I'd be grateful for any advice on how best to do this with Yummy. 


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Re: Rapidweaver FTP - Can Yummy make life easier?
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2016, 12:10:21 PM »
For what it's worth, I had a conversation with Dan Counsel (the CEO) via email and suggested a "Publish With... " option which could work with any client, such as Yummy FTP but Dan said that all these issues were fixed with RapidWeaver 7 - so that was the end of that conversation.

Dan did mention the fact that RapidWeaver 7 now tracked changes and would upload only the changed files, whereas publishing to a folder Yummy will still need to compare every single file/folder for its own Sync feature, or you'll upload everything all over again using your method of deleting the old site first.

Unfortunately, there is no way to 'hook' into RapidWeaver to make your workflow any easier, so you'll still have to do the Publish to a folder step first. Maybe Yummy's Sync feature might make this quicker/easier ? I would expect so, but you'd need to test it for yourself to be sure.

FYI the big difference in Watcher is that it can be triggered to make a sync/transfer when something changes on disk, hence the Watcher name :)


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Re: Rapidweaver FTP - Can Yummy make life easier?
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2016, 01:41:52 PM »
If Realmac think they have resolved all the FTP issues in Rapidweaver 7 the problem is more serious than I thought because it's actually become worse since leaving beta and half the threads on their forums are either about FTP export or publishing issues. It was the same when Rapidweaver 6 was released.

The big selling point for the Rapidweaver upgrade was effectively FTP that actually works, so paying $59 for the privilege and having all these problems is annoying, especially if you are using this for serious work. I never had problems like these in the past using Dreamweaver or other design apps.

When you export to a folder now in Rapidweaver 7 it no longer shows the files as published like it did in the old version, despite the publishing preference to do so. The whole thing is like a game of chance and risk, which is why I usually move existing files to another folder for the old version of the site, then delete the lot on the server and upload from scratch with Yummy.

I would say that successful uploads using the built in FTP client work 50% of the time at best but more often that not leave unanswered questions. For example why do the number of uploaded files often vary so much compared to the number listed by Yummy even when you ask it to mark all resources as changed and publish all? It's not unusual for a site uploaded by Rapidweaver to look correct but then suffer from problems in functionality that you might only discover afterwards in testing. Sorry for the rant but I bet you understand the difference between this and something more reliable like Yummy.

It sounds like the ideal combination would be reliable smart changes exported to the local folder then uploaded automatically by FTP Watcher. The weak link is frankly Rapidweaver because you cannot know from one day to the next how it will behave. Some have suggested recently on the forums that they should remove the FTP function altogether but I can't see them doing that.