2020 Overview

Updated October 4, 2020.

Yummy FTP Pro is an easy to use, yet powerful FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S file transfer app exclusively built for Mac.

Whether you need to transfer a few files or a few thousand, schedule automatic backups, or perform website maintenance, Yummy FTP Pro will handle it with ease.

Built-in text preview with QuickEdit mode.

Beautiful Retina User Interface

The easy to use, hi-definition Retina-display UI features Finder-like hierarchal & column view file browsers, elegant icons, toolbars, and drag & drop throughout, all with a tasteful dash of animations; a design that belies the extensive functionality hidden within, following Apple’s philosophy of power in simplicity.

Full protocol set – FTP/S + SFTP + WebDAV/S

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the most widely used Internet file transfer protocol, FTPS (FTP over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection, SFTP – FTP over an SSH (Secure Shell) connection, WebDAV (Web-based FTP), are implemented to their fullest extent, allowing for the best functionality available (eg set user/group, create symlink, zip/unzip), and fastest speed of operation – not just transfers… everything is fast and responsive.

Bookmark Manager + Cloud Sync

A fully fledged Bookmarks manager allows you organize your Bookmarks into folders, create, edit, rename, delete and duplicate them – you can even import the Favorites & Bookmarks from most other major Mac FTP apps.
Once set up you can automatically sync your FTP settings to all the Macs you use with the built-in Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud Drive Bookmark sync support.

Remote Editing & File Diff

A built-in text editor allows quick edits of local and remote files without even leaving Yummy FTP Pro, and for serious text crunching, seamless integration with a wide range of popular text editors including built-in support for BBEdit, TextWrangler, TextMate, skEdit, and many more, allows live remote editing of your website with your favorite editor. In addition there is the ability to compare local and remote files with your favorite ‘diff’ utility app, such as Araxis Merge, Changes, FileMerge, DeltaWalker or Kaleidoscope, and display the differences.

OS Integration

A truly good Mac citizen : Full support for Quick Look with local and remote previews and document icons, AppleScript-able and recordable for automation, Full Screen mode browsing, Bonjour zero config setup, FSEvents-driven local views, App Nap compliant, Developer ID code signed direct-buy or App Store versions, and more.

Turbo-charged Transfers

Yummy FTP Pros highly tuned, multi-threaded, transfer engine features a built-in ‘turbo’ mode which automatically maintains several simultaneous connections to the server to maximise the use of available bandwidth and reduce latency.
It’s not just fast, it’s Super fast!

Automatic Reconnect & Resume

The fully automatic reconnect and resume feature ensures Yummy FTP Pro will always complete the task, whatever happens, by reconnecting and continuing broken transfers without any user interaction until the job is done. While other apps simply display an error message, Yummy FTP Pro takes appropriate action based on the actual message itself, which means you don’t have to baby-sit your transfers : let the app do the work.

Advanced File & Directory Synchronisation Tools

Yummy FTP Pro has file and directory synchronisation covered : two way Mirroring, one way updating (Mac to Server or Server to Mac), scheduled syncs to start at a later time or repeat daily, filtering to exclude/include items with a variety of criteria, or specifically exclude selected items, even a mode to preview the outcome of a sync in advance.

FTP Aliases

The easiest, quickest and slickest way to upload files and folders! An FTP Alias can have files and/or folders dropped onto it in the Finder, or even in the Dock, to upload those items using a predefined Bookmark and destination directory. Creating an FTP Alias is as easy as navigating to the upload directory you require and then choosing ‘Save As FTP Alias’. It’s really that simple!
…What’s more, there is the option to Zip before uploading and even copying the remote URL to the clipboard ready for pasting!

Localized in 12 Languages

Yummy FTP Pro is available in the following languages : English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and with more to come…Want to help add one? A Spanish localization is on the way, but if there’s one you don’t see, please contact us.

Fine Grained Logging
Record an audit trail of every action / event, or just select a few

Open In Terminal
Easily view any local/remote folder in Terminal or iTerm app

Drag to the dock; auto-send to the right server and destination folder

Copy/Open As Web URL
Link checking & copying couldn’t be easier with this useful tool

DualBrowse Sync Browsing
Handy navigation mode & local/remote comparison tool

Set Color Labels
Just like in the Finder, set labels for local as well as remote items

Get notified of completed tasks via Growl and e-mail notifications

Proxy Support
12 proxy types are supported, including SOCKS4 & SOCKS5

Auto-detect Time Offset
Working in a different time zone? Yummy will take care of that.

Auto-detect FTP Mode
No more Active/Passive FTP issues. Yummy will take care of that too.

Built-in Software Update
Get notified of new releases and fixes and stay updated in Mac style

Bandwidth Control
Hog it all or ease congestion, take control of the bandwidth usage

Server – Server Transfers
Copying between servers is as simple as drag ‘n drop and you’re done

Full Unicode support
Yummy can handle any server, any language, any time, everywhere

Tons more!
Just try it and we’re sure you’ll agree, it truly is Yummy Software.