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Popularity demonstrates the overall trends in data regarding the volume of customer reviews about software solutions in the Email Marketing category. While this page does not discuss user satisfaction, product affordability, competition dynamics, and language support - Yummy will have sections about the aforementioned topics as well.

Overall Popularity

Email Marketing currently ranks as the 8th most used product category according to our data with 2,780 ratings last year. Year over year, Email Marketing's review count contracted by 96 ratings. It hit its best popularity level in 2018 coming in 4th place with 8,373 ratings. It is presently experiencing its smallest relative popularity ranking. As far back as our data goes, the category has collected 34,059 total ratings. Ranking as the 8th most reviewed category worldwide, Email Marketing is an exceedingly popular category which has resided in the top 10 at least since 2016.

In With the New and Old

The oldest Email Marketing product on our list is Mailchimp given its first review appearing in 2012. The most recent Email Marketing product in the category is GMass with its earliest tracked review surfacing in 2018.

Popularity by Country and Region

The United States uses Email Marketing software at higher numbers than any other nation with 24,143 customer reviews. The United States is followed by India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela with an overall average of 1,159 ratings. During this past year Email Marketing category gained popularity in the United States to become the country's 7th most reviewed software category this last year. The most heavily used Email Marketing products are Mailchimp with 16,047 ratings, Constant Contact with 5,621 ratings, and Salesforce Email Studio with 1,675 customer reviews.

Big and Small

Many outfits using Email Marketing tech are small businesses, representing 66% of all reviews. They are trailed by medium businesses (24%), and lastly, large business clients (10%). The adoption of Email Marketing products for small businesses is diminishing currently, decreasing to 98% of the previous year's value. Email Marketing software for large businesses are experiencing an increase this year, increasing by 3% over the past year.

To Industry, Nothing is Impossible

The top industries for Email Marketing are marketing and advertising, information technology and services, non profit organization management, computer software, and retail.



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